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Hey Guys! I'm Susan.

 I'm a freelance designer and social media manager! I quit hustling part time jobs so I could stay home with my kids, determined to make it work. I HAD to make it work! Now, 12 months later I'm helping to support my family with my freelance income, and I love it. I'm so grateful for my AMAZING clients and rock solid support team who have helped make my career such a success already. 

My clients range from wellness centers to photographers and other creatives; small at home product based businesses, and non-profit organizations.

I love working with clients that have a strong message to share with the world. I take every ounce of my inspiration from the energy of my clients when creating their designs or preparing their campaigns.

My design process is always built on who you are, who you're trying to reach, and the feelings and values you want to inspire. Whether I'm at the sketchboard or the wireframe, the integrity and authenticity of your brand is priority.

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Who Do I Work With?

Jennie Hoglund, CCH

Thrilled with her new logo and brand designs!

Tanya Kelly

Transformational Life Coach

Proud owner of a new beautiful website with custom branding. 

Karen Feder, Photography

Happy Social Media Management client!


Live, Private Online Social Media Content Training For Your Personal Brand or Small Business


This is an online training, live, private, and limited to just 10 people!!

I’ll walk you through essential steps of launching a social media marketing strategy for your personal brand or business in your first year. We’ll be a small group so you’ll be able to ask me questions and get real answers from someone who’s currently and actively working in the social media industry on a daily basis! I’ll equip you with worksheets and guides to follow along, and when you complete the course, if you’ve followed along as directed, you should have a full year’s calendar ready to go to get your business’s social media marketing strategy off to an amazing start!


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